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In the  Geropa Sport group there is a team with a big experience and know-how related to the development and production of soccer socks and performance sport socks.

In the R&D department we:

  • Have all machines types we use for final production in the factories available

  • Have all yarn qualities we use in production

  • Have sewing and boarding machinery available to deliver a finished product


We offer this expertise to develop new collections for the sports market. Designers of partners who worked out ideas with designing software visit our Belgian headquarter to convert these designs into actual socks. In that way the development time of new collections can be very short since decisions can be taken on the spot when knitting. On top of realizing customers’ ideas we also develop and propose new products to our partners.

New developments go through all necessary physical and chemical tests before being introduced to the market. Geropa R&D works very closely with CTI to be able to present all required test results.

Geropa Sport has a very close contact with the machine constructors. Specific features on knitting machinery are developed on demand in order for us to produce socks with exclusive technical solutions. 

On customer demand our R&D department organizes  training sessions for the sales staff of partners. Explaining the basics of sock production helps sales oriented people to approach their market with more confidence.

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