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Haining Geropa China Knitting Company Ltd.

In 2012, the company entered into a joint-venture with a Chinese partner. This cooperation resulted in a huge boost in production capacity, as well as an increase in range and variety of available products. The Chinese factory offers the following:

  • Capacity: The current output of the Chinese factory is 500 000 pairs per month. This number should increase up to 750 000 pairs per month starting 2024.

  • Quality: The Belgian know-how has been carried over to the factory through extensive trainings.

  • We are able to provide basic, medium and high quality levels for very competitive prices.

  • Diversity: Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our Chinese partner, we are able to offer also high-performance non-football socks.

  • R&D: Through our Chinese partner, Geropa Sport NV has access to raw materials that offer an added value for both Chinese, as well as Polish, productions.

The factory has passed with distinction audits imposed by a global soccer brand for:

  • Social compliance (SLCP)

  • Sustainability, recycled materials and ecology (Higg, GRS)

  • Quality and safety (Oekotex-Standard100)

  • Quality: AQL 2.5

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