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Geropa Sport is a family owned company founded in 1979 in Hamont-Achel (Belgium) by Mister Jan Doms. In the beginning, Geropa Sport worked mainly with Team Wear suppliers in the Benelux. In the 90’s, our reach expanded and Geropa Sport started producing for the French, German, and Scandinavian market.

The next step in Geropa’s development was establishing our own production company in Poland in 2003 that could meet the growing demand. This daughter-company has been set up to fulfill all the Belgian quality norms so that Geropa Sport NV could become even stronger on the European market.

A critical strategy was set in motion in 2012, when the company entered into a joint-venture with a Chinese partner. This cooperation resulted in a huge boost in production capacity, as well as an increase in range and variety of available products.

As per 2023 Geropa Sport NV is present in the markets of North-Western Europe, USA, and also of a few countries in South-East Asia.

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