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What we offer our partners is a combination of the best of two worlds.


Europe :

We value the personal contact with our partner companies a lot. To achieve and maintain an optimal communication we have a Belgian team that is very dedicated to make our partners feel comfortable in our cooperation.

The development of all articles, whether produced in Poland or China, is done by the R&D team in Belgium.

Through our Polish factory we offer short lead times, small volumes and quick delivery of standard but also highly personalized products. Partners do use our Polish production facility as a back-up in case of urgent needs.



We have a big capacity for the production of sports socks and an experienced staff to run the production. We offer from basic to high quality soccer socks at very competitive prices. MOQ’s are exceptionally low.

We do offer a wide range of non-soccer performance socks thanks to our Chinese partners’ experience.

We have access to the best raw materials which we use in our Polish factory as well.

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